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Miss Rose Theory Bio

Miss Rose Theory has a singular style...hypnotic spoken word poetry backed by a wide range of unique beats and melodies. Hailing from Miami, her sexy, mysterious sassiness sets her apart. The creativity in her work exudes her finesse for communicating her personal challenges and triumphs as well as the obstacles people endure daily. Fascinated by music and the power that it gives to people, she approaches her compositions as a way to better understand and demonstrate respect and kindness for all. Inspired by Sade, Eryka Badu, Ertha Kit, Marlana Deitreich, Madonna and many more, she has currently written and produced over 100 musical pieces and continues her efforts on songwriting, production, and recording. Her artistic creativity is never far from her mind. A songwriter of instinct, Miss Rose Theory has a flair for writing catchy lyrics that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in the content. It is with that versatility that has landed her first release “Recipe For Love“.

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